Максим Солохин (palaman) wrote,
Максим Солохин

Нашелся потомок святого Владимира :)

Среди моих знакомых эсперантистов обнаружился потомок Святого Владимира Киевского. В США.

Я в шоке.

А именно:

[Spoiler (click to open)]My Descent from Rurik I, Grand Prince of Kiev and Novgorod
Justin L. Smith
(b. 1981;
md. 1) Maureen Joan Inglis Farley;
2) Kaylen Chambers)
Robert William Smith
(b. 1943;
md. Barbara Ann Swafford)
Paul Alexander Smith
(b. 1920;
md. Beulah Loraine Fenson)
Hazel D. Carey
(b. 1898;
md. William J. Smith)
2nd Great-grandparents
Daisy Payne Clark
(b. 1876;
md. Alexander Babcock Carey)
3rd Great-grandparents
Clara Amelia Rawson
(b. 1858;
md. William Davis Clark)
4th Great-grandparents
Ellen Lucebie Adams
(b. 1840;
md. Charles Andrew Rawson)
5th Great-grandparents
Jerusha Rebecca Swain
(b. 1820;
md. Dr. Charles Kilby Adams)
6th Great-grandparents
William Barrett Swain
(b. 1793;
md. Tamar Brooks)
7th Great-grandparents
Meliscent Barrett
(b. 1759;
md. Joseph Swain)
8th Great-grandparents
Pvt. James Barrett
(b. 1733;
md. Meliscent Estabrook)
9th Great-grandparents
Rebecca Hubbard
(b. 1717;
md. Col. James Barrett)
10th Great-grandparents
Rebecca Bulkeley
(b. 1696;
md. Joseph Hubbard)
11th Great-grandparents
Capt. Joseph Bulkeley
(b. 1670;
md. Rebecca Jones)
12th Great-grandparents
Peter Bulkeley
(b. 3 Jan 1641; md.
Rebecca Wheeler)
13th Great-grandparents
Edward Bulkeley
(chr. 12 Jun
1614; md. Lucian)
14th Great-grandparents
Peter Bulkeley
(b. 31 Jan 1582-83;
md. Jane Allen)
15th Great-grandparents
Mary Faircloth m. Thomas Allen
16th Great-grandparents
Thomas Faircloth m. Millicent Barr
17th Great-grandparents
Lawrence Faircloth m. Elizabeth
18th Great-grandparents
Grace Standish m. Ralph Faircloth
19th Great-grandparents
Oliver Standish
20th Great-grandparents
Constance Gerard m. Sir Alexander Standish
21st Great-grandparents
Alice Boteler m. John Gerard
22nd Great-grandparents
Alice de Plumpton m. Sir John Boteler
23rd Great-grandparents
Sir William de Plumpton m. Christiana
24th Great-grandparents
Lucy de Ros m. Sir Robert de Plumpton
25th Great-grandparents
Sir William de Ros m. Eustache FitzHugh
26th Great-grandparents
Sir William de Ros m. Lucy FitzPiers
27th Great-grandparents
Isabel Mac William of Scotland m. Robert de Ros
28th Great-grandparents
William I the Lion King of Scots = (a daughter of Richard Avenal)
29th Great-grandparents
Ada de Warenne m. Henry of Scotland
30th Great-grandparents
Elizabeth of Vermandois m. William de Warenne
31st Great-grandparents
Hugh I Magnus, Count of Vermandois m. Adelaide of Vermandois
32nd Great-grandparents
Anna of Kiev m. Henry I King of France
33rd Great-grandparents
Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev and Novgorod m. Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden
34th Great-grandfather
St. Vladimir I the Great, Grand Prince of Kiev and Novgorod
35th Great-grandparents
Svyatoslav I Igorevich the Brave m. Malusha
36th Great-grandparents
Igor m. St. Olga
37th Great-grandfather
Rurik of Kiev

Типа рюрикович :)
Проживает в США.

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